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Wanyange Girls School is situated on a hill overlooking Lake Victoria at the Southern end. An evening cool breeze is received daily..

The school is at coordinates 00 28’59.31”N 33014'39.00"E and its highest peak is 4430 ft above sea level. It is an is an entirely boarding girls' secondary school found in the Eastern region of Uganda located on the Nyange hill with a population of 1,200 students. Its a Government-Aided Secondary school and is exclusively a girls boarding attracting students nationally and from across the region. The ordinary Level has 16 streams – 4 streams for Each of Senior One, Two Three and Four classes. At the advanced Level, there are two streams for Arts, one stream for science for each of senior Five and Senior six.

News Updates::

Analysis of UCE Results 2012:

Out of the 182 students only 37 students came with division 1 from primary leaving examination. Out of the 145 students who came with Div 2, 20 have passed with Div 1.Looking at the best six candidates and their entry points you discover that a lot of effort was put in by both the teachers and students...

Site Highlights::

We are a leading, independent boarding school for girls with a holistic excellent performance amid a lively, happy and conducive environment. Our outstanding record of achievement is complemented by an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities

Wanyange Girls::

  • School Vision:

    A Girl Child as responsible lady who can fit the global village

  • School Mission:

    To prepare girls for a diversity of opportunities in sectors of service and create equitable acces, participation, confidence, resourcefulness and powers of independence.

  • School Motto:

    Kulwa Katonda Ne'Gwanga Lyaffe