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2021 Theme: ''The God of restoration and Hope; our rescue...." Ref: IPeter 5:10

Welcome to Wanyange Girls Secondary School

Headmistress WGS

I greet you all in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

Welcome to our website. It is designed to introduce you to our unique and remarkable Wanyange Family and to encourage you to visit us in person to learn more at first hand.

I am delighted at this opportunity to serve as Headteacher at this great school. It’s indeed a positive challenge for me to make my contribution in a position of leadership here.

I have been a teacher “all my Life”, since I first taught in my S.4 vacation at the age of 16! However, I have taught as a qualified teacher at the secondary School level since 1989 when I graduated (teaching History, CRE and General paper). I have been at the school since 2012 and we have built a formidable team.


Since I took office at this school, I can confidently say that the girls at this school have potential to exce;, to make this school the leading girls school in the region and the country. The school has good teachers, a good library and bright students.

My mission is to motivate and inspire the girls, to aspire to high achievement in academics and also to build the confidence to face the world as professionals. Discipline and respect for others are very key ingredients in the girls' pursuit of academic and social excellence at the school. I always strive to realize and maximize the discipline of our girls and create a conducive learning environment for them.

The Teachers’ Code of Conduct guides us all staff at the school to ensure that we give time and total support to our students both in and out of class.
I also believe in creating a conducive and healthy learinng environment for the girls on the one hand and a conducive, result-oriented and cordial working environment for the staff on the other.

Improving the girls’ reading culture is also high on our agenda, with the teachers of English and Literature, especially in the lower classes, adding an element of book reviews in the routine academic program.

Remedial lessons, peer discussion groups, and practical lessons in the generally 'feared' areas such as in science subjects and Maths are also being implemented to improve the overall students’ grades.

Regular and graded evaluation should help the girls study well with very focused attention.

The school has continued to perform well in both the UCE and UACE. However, we have not yet hit our peak. In spite of this, we still rank very respectably in the overall University admissions every year.

The zeal and enthusiasm of the teachers is a key ingredient for our high team performance. We have collectively and responsibly turned the fortunes of individual girls and those of the school around. Here, we are very cognisant of our prededessors and their invaluable contributions.


Through the mentoring program which is already in place, individual students’ strengths and challenges are identified. This helps us to cater for the individual needs of our girls and support them maximaly in fulfilling their potential.


I thank the Old Girls -WOGA, for their support for the school. They have been keen to see their school grow and in this pursuit they have supported the school directly by providing beddings in the Sick Bay, helping to re-roof the Dining Hall, mentored girls whenever they visit and generally expressed goodwill for our efforts on the ground. My appeal to them is for them to do even more especially by coming back on their day 03 March every year especially to inspire the young girls in the school.


During my tenure as Headmistress, I have worked with a wonderful Board composed of wonderful and supportive people. I cnnot thank the Board of Governors enough for thier total commitment to making the school better through very constructive and progressive deliverations and personal commitment of time and resources to the school.

Same to the parents who enroll their children at the school faithfully every new year and pay the school fees. Being a fees paying school, their support is very important. Many of them also support the progress of the school through their PTA.


1. Working as a team with all stake holders towards transforming our school into a centre of excellence in the region
2. Provide leadership towards a self motivated staff and students’ body
3. A mentoring program where teachers are given a small group of students to work with, and support in their academic and non-academic challenges
4. Appeal to all stakeholders, government, parents, community and our mother church to support us in every way possible and work with us for the good of our school ( the future generation ), our country and to the Glory of God

Last but not least, I thank the Lord Bishop of Busoga and his Diocesan team for supporting the school. It is my strong belief that the founders of the school should play a very pivotal role in the stability and overall success of the school. The spiritual health of the school; staff and students, is very key in ensuring the overall health and success of the school. A resident Chaplain ensures that this area is well-taken care of .

I assure you that a Wanyange girls Secondary School leaver is usually a well-rounded, predictable and dependable person.

For God and my country.
Basekanakyo Deborah 

Headmistresses at the school:


Years of Administration

Deborah Basekanakyo

January 2012 -to date

Proscovia L. Mpabulungi
Feb 2003- to Dec 2011
Menya Naome K.
Dec 1987-Feb 2003
Mulogo Constance T.
Aug 1981-Nov 1987
Tulyahikayo A. (Ag)
May 1981-Aug 1981
Haden M. D.

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